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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Drag Force

Lee Carter dashes backstage...

For spring, androgyny took on new meaning for Alexandre Herchcovitch, Brazil's premier provocateur who often dons wigs and boobs. I know this personally because I've partied with him at la Festa da Peruca (the Wig Party) in Sao Paulo, where, in fact, he got his start dressing drag queens. Today, however, at his women's collection, he went the other direction. "My team and I did a lot of research in old tuxedo rental shops in Sao Paulo," he told me backstage. "We transformed, for example, a bow tie into a full dress and deconstructed a tuxedo to become a jumpsuit. We wanted to play with clichés and exaggerate them as much as possible." Accessories were just as strong; men's wingtip shoes were given high heels while crisp shirt collars and black silk lapels appeared as necklaces. The only thing missing were Marlene Dietrich's pencil-arched brows.

Speaking of falling in love again, I caught up with Agyness Deyn backstage (though, oddly, she wasn't modeling, but sat front row). I mentioned how, the night before, I saw her entering the Tribeca Grand as I was leaving, but was too far to say a proper hello. Without pausing a beat, she explained how she's wearing the same pink dress as the night before (I didn't even notice) because she had a bender, crashed at a friend's place and just didn't make it back to her pad. No need to explain, darling, I know EXACTLY how it is—and I'll be doing just that when I hit London next week.