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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Boom Boom Boom Boom, I Want You In My Room

Dean Mayo Davies reports...

London’s alt-social hub BoomBox hosted the official afterparty for Gareth Pugh on Sunday night. Due to the special, unusual nature of the shindig (namely, Fashion Week), a line longer than you could imagine built up round Hoxton Square, with much jostling and hollering from glittered up guys ‘n' gals all-too-eager to get inside. I myself waited in line for nearly an hour and a half before Lee Carter came to my rescue (with Seven New York’s Joseph Quartana) and got my heroine (publicist Mandi Lennard, wearing an amazing black Pugh coat) to let me in. Mandi wanted my grand entrance to happen via a security guard lifting me over the barrier, but BoomBox hero Nuno, working the door with Cozette (who looked incredible in a Gareth dress) was having none of that, recommending I upturn the nearest (full) trashcan and climb over on top of it. I (in)elegantly did, to much cheering from my friends waiting in the club.

Once inside, with vodka ‘n’ mixers all round, we made our way to the main room where a certain Miss Kylie Minogue (another playa in Pugh, a slashed leather minidress) spun the discs, including in her set Madonna (great reaction) and Girls Aloud (tore the roof off). The crowd lapped up every minute. For proof, you only had to look on top of the bar, where mmm-mannequin Agyness Deyn worked it out during a dance-a-thon with club kid Kabir, who is also the senior fashion editor of Drama magazine. Then, just when you thought it couldn’t pop any more, the Daily Telegraph’s iconic fashion director Hilary Alexander snaked her way through the crowd with camera in tow, capturing the most extreme looks for her new Telegraph TV project. As one excited reveller shouted on her way out: “Hilary for President!”

Also in attendence were (deep breath) Pam Hogg, Roisin Murphy, Alison Mosshart of The Kills, William Baker and Danielle Scutt, amongst Gareth himself, the regulars and all the freshly imported, transcontinental well-wishers.

With a hazy, brilliant night had by all, I couldn’t help but echo the sentiments of the new Britney tune, currently caning it out East (London): Gimme gimme more, gimme more, gimme gimme MORE!