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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Carbon Neutral

Lee Carter reports...

Francisco Costa once told me, "I always think about how smartly Calvin built his company. I don't want to change that. I don't want customers to think differently about the label. I try always to keep the original aura, but at times what I do is more Calvin, at times less Calvin." For spring, it could have been Calvin himself—circa 1995—judging from the hyper-modern yet timeless, controlled yet weightless, bold yet ethereal sheath dresses, bodysuits and layered silk pieces with a subtle graphite pattern made, perhaps, to look like city grime.

For me, Calvin Klein is the Switzerland of the fashion map—independent, high-altitude, apolitical and without wont to encroach on other labels' territory. Unbiased bias, if you will. And there was no doubt neutrality was the name of the game for spring, from the muted carbon color palette (including incredible degradé) to the minimal cuts and shapes that were neither feminine nor masculine, down to the shoes, futuristic suede Greek sandals or men's boat shoes transformed into massive wedges. One stand-out piece that summed up the nonpartisan mood was a pair of dusty pink slacks with a halter that came out near the end. This was, and has always been, a singular vision—classic Calvin.