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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Fantastic Men

London's Daryoush Haj-Najafi reports...

Pictures Princess Julia

I saw London performance artist James, aka Jeanette, with newly bleached eyebrows at yesterday's Fantastic Man magazine launch at Bistrotheque, whose owner, David Waddington, and boyfriend appeared naked and bumming in a recent issue of Butt. With AnotherMan Fashion Director Alister Mackie and cute photographer Benjamin Alexander Huseby, James grumbled, "It's political, darling. I was wearing Leigh Bowery, and these Italian muscle Marys kept going on and on, saying, 'I find it so offensive, how could you wear that. Don't they know their history? The Swastikas are the other way round. It's a 4000-year-old religious symbol, for fuck's sake!" Then conversation turned to imagining a contrary secret glamour fetish, involving going home and making yourself look amazing in the mirror and not telling anyone about it, surrounding yourself in gold and getting hard over those Louis Vuitton shoes with the huge crystal soles and heels.

Other entertainment included British GQ's Charlie Porter being amazed by the pen I forgot I'd left behind my ear. He went as far as to take a photo for his blog. But I've done that since I worked in a Chinese supermarket in my school days. It's quite normal amongst the working class; where else would one keep one's pen, if you don't work behind a desk?

Cassette Playa collaborator Thom Murphy showed off his Siv Stoldal, another show he styles and consults on, flashing illuminated kickers. Fashion authorities Tim Blanks, Wolfgang Tillsman, i-D fashion director Simon Foxton, Miuccia Prada starchitect Rem Koolhaas, celebrity cub Julian the Bear and, of course, Fantastic Man founders Gert and Jop where all in attendance—all proof the men's mag really knows its constituency. Most were either in shorts-and-blazer combos or Berlinesque shaved heads. Has a magazine noted by every editor who matters been this in tune with the times since Wallpaper's heyday in the 90s?