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Friday, September 21, 2007

When Gareth Met Goth

Lee Carter covers the gothic romance...

If you were to put Mad Max, mountains of leather, ripped mini-skirts, plush white mice, Judy Blame jewelry, metal spikes, black Swarovski crystals, Michael Jackson (circa Bad) and one giant glittery cube for a head into a very large blender and press frappé, what you'd get is Gareth Pugh's spring collection—in all its deth-glam glory.

To a typically packed and cheering London crowd earlier in the week, Gareth sent out aggressive extremes in proportion and scale—i.e. crystal-encrusted epaulets the size of paniers, tight biker sleeves lined with a leather-and-buckle fringe resembling a saddle, and a hooded leather men's coat that had been sliced and worked into dangling pieces, like floor-length leather dreadlocks.

Gareth's shows have never been for the faint of heart, this one especially so, with none of the camp humor of previous collections. This was hard-core industrial goth. And yet, even if you're not a horsehair-wearing dominatrix, there were ample pieces one might say were wearable—even delicate—among the fifteen total looks.

Click the video below for front-row footage, backstage chats with Gareth and Judy, and a few seconds of Agyness Deyn bar-dancing at the afterparty at BoomBox...