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Monday, September 24, 2007

More front-row views and videos from London Fashion Week...
  • We're not the types, usually, to be dazzled by couture-y notions of elegance (give us spiky stilettos and safety-pinned leather jackets any day!), but Roksanda Ilincic rok-ed us with her floor-length silk and duchess-satin diva gowns heaving exaggerated shoulder ornamentation. The show took place over breakfast, though caffeine was hardly needed at the sight of one jacket with flying buttresses for shoulders. It was very Klaus Nomi. Total eclipse!

  • Richard Nicoll's perfectly executed collection—easily one of our faves (you'll be seeing a lot of him on Hint)—hit all the clever notes: articulated and padded shoulders, dangerously diaphanous organza and tulle, little jackets with tent-like peplum that moved up and down with each step, and fabric worked into knots in the back for just the right amount of tension. Conceptual, but not too much; futuristic, but not too much; metallic, but not too much. We give it five gold stars.

  • Modernist lived up to its name with a mostly black-and-flesh color palette, randomly placed ruffles and nip-baring tops just this side of oh-please. No big risk-taking here, but do we need to wear electric-blue sequin bodysuits with Japanese cartoon sew-ons every day?

  • Not even we know very much about new designer Clare Tough (who also seemed to live up to her name). But from what we saw on her spring runway, she was clearly in a New York state of mind, sending out pieces elaborately stitched with naive-style graffiti faces, à la Basquiat, and weighted with little sculptures of the city's skyline that could have come straight from a Times Square souvenir shop.