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Friday, September 7, 2007

Nothing Gets Between Me and My Lobster Rolls

Due to scheduling weirdness, Hint could only spend minutes at the 25th anniversary party of Calvin Klein underwear and the launch of its Steel underwear line on Wednesday night, so we asked Casey Spooner to do the blog honors. We knew that, even in the midst of wrapping up Fischerspooner's next album, he'd make time for near-naked caged man flesh...

It's back to school! And the Calvin Klein party really felt like the official kick-off of Fashion Week. Damn those people know how to throw a party and it was EXACTLY what I hoped for. Lots of hot Greek god-like models doing their best Vanessa Beecroft imitations in a white cube high above a white room. It was our own little Mount Olympus.

I arrived with Adam Dugas and Bob Colacello, who gave us all the dirt on Calvin back in the heyday and how people like Donna Karan, Halston and Calvin licensed their names. But my focus was, naturally, on what I was wearing: a full Calvin Klein collection look from Italo Zucchelli, which consisted of a plastic jacket, see-through shoes and lycra swim pants. They loved it on the subway and that's all that really matters.

As we walked in I spotted Kimora Lee Simmons (yuck!) "trying it." We did NOT speak. Once inside, before I could even mutter "perfection" at the undies-clad models in a pose-a-thon, we were surround by friends and cohorts not seen for months. Danielle Levitt flew by, while Diego Garcia and I exchanged and wink and a nod. Mel Ottenburg, Terry Richardson and Kaji quickly followed, then Slava Mogutin and Brian Kenny. And that was all in the first five minutes. We were also stopped in our tracks by the awesome snacks. I've had my share of bad party catering and it's usually the same lame fare. But the lobster rolls and cupcakes were nice and much needed after a little too much champagne.

Adam and I finally broke away from the crowd for a full lap around the party. There was a great video montage of CK underwear ads over the years. We soon saw Zaldy, Dimitri and Miguel Villalobos, but I was on the hunt for Italo as I wanted him to see that I had the balls to wear his designs. I headed for the VIP area but it looked cramped and not so fun. Slava, Brian and I watched the model switch, which was like a changing-of-the-guard and definitely the best part of the entire event. A trap door flipped open and an animal trainer flagged the models down to exit their vitrine on high. We discussed the nature of sex and the erotic. Slava, not a fan of the sterile and plastic, advocated something more earthy and sordid. I couldn't help but be struck by how slight and ungodly the models turned out to be once they were pattering through the crowd barefoot, but still, I wouldn't be opposed to Mounting their Olympus.