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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Sweet Dreams

Daryoush Haj-Najafi in dreamland...

On Monday, London-based Norwegian menswear talent Siv Stoldal didn't put on a show, but instead hosted a presentation at Savile Row's B-Store. In some ways Siv Stoldal is an almost collaborative effort between the designer and Thom Murphy, who helps edit the beautifully esoteric Stoldal into something more commercially powerful.

The dream-like presentation, with its in-the-round and in-the-dark bedroom of boys in bunk beds above a pool of water, is further proof of Stoldal and Murphy's sometime collaborative genius. There you were, in the very intimate surroundings of a bedroom, near enough to touch the models wearing Siv Stodahl's designs, asleep in their dream reality. Never had I come across a presentation that managed to come across as romantic and otherworldly at once, while still being all about the tailored, conceptual, earthy and sporty Siv Stoldal male.

Other names spotted on my flying visit: Gordon Richardson (the debonair design director of Topman, Topshop's brother organisation and sponsor of London Fashion Week's MAN), Tokion fashion director Jay Massacret and London's hottest PR, Mandi Lennard.

Images Edmonds + Rodgers