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Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thinner spills Arlene's Grocery

A couple of weeks ago we checked out a band called Thinner at Arlene's Grocery. Here's a video clip, with a few words from Adam Kimmel, who was there with us and whose brother, Alexei Hay, plays bass in the band...

This is Thinner's first show. Sacrificing catchy feel good rhythms for poetic expression, Thinner sounds awesome. It's real and—although the vocals aren't as clear in this video as they are live or on their upcoming LP—the words are hauntingly beautiful. And the solo guitar is ridiculously good. The singer, Rishad Mistri, delivers a song inspired by an old Indian folk tune known as Raga. He's reworked it and put his own words to it, producing, he says, "a lullaby for someone who loses someone to suicide." Also in the group are Zeke Zima on guitar (right), Jesse Murphy on the other guitar, David Frawley on drums and Alexei Hay on bass. I've heard them before and the shit just gets better and better. The name keeps changing so be on the lookout for Rishad and the band.