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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Boys Wonder

Bring out the violin, says Cator Sparks, because of all the events each fashion week, he looks forward to seeing friends' shows the most, among them Robert Geller (Sep. 8) and Tim Hamilton (Sep. 9)...

I knew Robbie long before he was half of Cloak. He went to Rhode Island School of Design, where I dashed out one weekend and, ahem, got in drag for a friend's fashion show. Robbie would always help me hobble off the runway and even got my haggard ass a drink. This first show for his new label is called Beuys Don't Cry, referring to the German artist Joseph Beuys. Robbie was inspired by the sober tones of Germany juxtaposed with the bright colors of sunny California's skate culture. I concluded from the mad snapping of Iphones and pocket cameras that the collection was a success. I was especially fond of the neon yellow skinny jeans and the gray fitted blazer. The models were super fun too. My favorite was the gangly longhaired boy with a Colonel Sanders bow tie.

Tim Hamilton is a relatively new friend. About a year ago, sassy stylist Sam Spector told me I simply must meet this amazing new menswear designer. I called him up, met him at his gorgeous bachelor pad and we got along like two bears at Eagle bar. His presentation was held in a 5th floor warehouse space that was a tad tepid. Who knew there would be a heat wave during fashion week? Thank god for the Peroni beer or I would of passed out—and not in the good way. Models, who lined the back wall on two tiers, were styled to perfection in porkpie hats, deep V tees, foppish bow ties and tailored shorts. As CFDA'er Lisa Smilor exclaimed, "I love Tim! He makes something for everyone!" Tim, how about a royal blue calf skin flight jacket pour moi?