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Monday, September 10, 2007

A Whole Prada Love

We were elated to see Fashion East's (and Hint contributor) Lulu Kennedy at the Prada party on Friday night. The girl's a hoot. Since she sat next to Damien Hirst for The Hours concert (and mouthed all the words), who better to blog about it?...

I arrived at the Prada store (what an awesome venue for a gig!) just as the band were about to go on and had to sweet-talk my way past security guards who had already roped off the stage area. I looked up into the sea of faces and spotted Damien Hirst looking rather like a kid sent to the naughty step for timeout. He cracked a cheeky grin and beckoned me to go sit with him—not that easy climbing through a vertical wave of people, especially in my skintight dress made by new uber-hot UK designer Louise Gray. I had no option but to squeeze through lots of famousheads—oops, sorry, Vincent Gallo, Steve Tyler, Amber Valletta, Diane Kruger—before plonking myself down next to "El Presidente," as I like to call Damien. “A'right, lass?” he yelled. Couldn't be better.

Seconds later, The Hours went onstage to a nice fat NYC welcome, launching straight into their hit, Ali in the Jungle. The floor beneath me shook as the crowd stomped along to the beat. Damien, who is best mates with the lead singer, Ant, kept a running commentary of nonsense, daft faces, nudges and hilarious abstractions. A beautiful girl nearby had smuggled a bottle of champagne, which she insisted on sharing with me. Insisted!

It was loads of fun and over too soon, only five songs. Afterwards, I had a fun chat about underwear with Nick Graham of Joe Boxer while whirling around on the dance floor to James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem. Then we split for the Tribeca Grand Hotel fashion week party, which was awash with beautiful cool kids. Everyone was there—Seven New York, The MisShapes, Kitsuné, Hint and a gang of my mates from London's BoomBox. I love New York!