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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Hi-Tops Go High Fashion

Cator Sparks gets his sneak on...

Former graffiti artist and now fashion designer, Swindle editor and general troublemaker, Claw Money launched her Nike Vandal hi-top—based on the classic 1985 hoop shoe—last night with a party at I Heart store on Mott Street. Nike asks artists to collaborate on limited-edition kicks regularly, but this is the first time a woman has been enlisted. Claw told me that when she was offered the opportunity, she immediately chose the Vandal because it is one of her favorite styles, but she could never find it in her petite size. Now femme sneaker heads worldwide can rejoice!

While streetwear isn't my forte, nor do I own a pair of sneakers, Claw said her inspiration was none other than my favorite designer, Vivienne Westwood. She saw her interviewed once and Vivienne quipped, “Some people are regular birds in a flock and others are peacocks strutting their stuff.” Hence the peacock-feather print.

The party was poppin’ by 9 pm, when the door lady had to turn people away. Luckily I knew said door lady and snuck in. The crowd was an amusing variety of girls in skinny jeans and random neon accessories, and boys in Supreme caps (I didn’t get the memo). I met fashion photographer Danielle Levitt, a dear friend of Claw’s who was feeling the peacock motif with a colorful kimono frock and swilled with Kelly McCabe from Complex, singer Terra Deva and a bevy of Claw's gal pals.

The Vandals retail for $150 and are sold exclusively at I Heart until October 27, when they will be found in tier zero Nike stores nationwide. What does tier zero mean? If you don’t know, you won't be buying a pair anyway.