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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

High Noten

Who better to cover Dries Van Noten's tropical spring collection than Vogue Brazil columnist Carolina Overmeer?...

In typically contradictory style, Dries Van Noten held his vibrant spring collection in a dark concrete room of the Grand Palais (upside: nobody could scope out who was where in the front row) and cranked up the Balinese-Kecak soundtrack to eardrum-thumping levels (upside: it prevented distracting comments). Not that the Belgian designer needed such artifices to keep our full attention on the catwalk—especially not this season, possibly his best ever.

The collection was all about the beautiful large-scale prints injected into every look, making simple tops and silk pants seem fresh and bold—not to mention perfectly cut. He juxtaposed colors and motifs from tropical Indonesian flora, recalling the African penchant for mixing patterns, as seen in the work of photographer Seidu Keita. Even high heels saw their share of prints. And the designer's first foray into jewelry was just as fantastic. Nothing fits the season's eye-catching mood better than a pair of long Asian silver bracelets or a heavy amethyst necklace. These will sell. I will buy. My mom will, too.