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Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Pleasure of His Company

Last night was the French premiere of Lagerfeld Confidentiel, the first documentary about the Kaiser made, miraculously, with his participation. (There have been many attempts before Rodolphe Marconi, the young director, was inexplicably able to twist Lagerfeld's heavily accessorized arm.) The film is more than a little rough around the edges, but it will prove to any non-initiate that nobody pokes holes in the prolific designer as well as he himself. Sure, the septuagenarian slings the wit and wisdom faster than a double-c bullet, zips around France and Monaco on his private jet, and laps up the flirtatious flattery of hungry young male models and underlings, but it's he, the star, who enjoys the performance that is his life more than anyone. If you attended the premiere, as I did, you'd have seen Lagerfeld smack in the center of the viewing audience, giggling at his every bon mot. One of the most agreeably surreal aspects of the film is how self-aware and self-mocking Lagerfeld turns out to be. He's obviously not only in on the joke, but finds it funnier than anyone.