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Friday, November 2, 2007

The Real "It" Bag

Forget the Kelly, Hobo and Spy. The most important and influential bag of the 20th-century and beyond—whether you agree or not, partake or not—is the Ziploc plastic baggie. Often seen in clusters, the Bag, as it's known in certain fashion circles, travels anywhere: your freezer, your pocket, your glasstop table. Available in all shapes and sizes, the Bag can carry anything from sandwiches and dog treats to green buds, white powder and baby laxative. It's also the most versatile of accessories, going from day to night and back to day again. Of course, people can get really greedy around the Bag and it can cause all kinds of shit. Still, in fashion, it seems everyone wants to know who has the Bag—and who did it.