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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Photographer and style-hunter PLAY on Terence Koh's latest incarnation...

You just can't control Terence Koh—art superstar, fashion extremist and all-around eccentric. He recently spoke at a political forum in Berlin wearing a Gareth Pugh latex dress and full geisha make-up. But you may know him best from his first and very controversial solo show, GOD, at de Pury & Luxembourg gallery in Zurich back in June.

That's where we first met, for a photo date. He wore Balenciaga gold robo-pants and stood in front of Last Supper of The Antichrist, the central piece in the show—and the darkest, with disciples as skeletons, a colony of poisonous ants living in the body of Jesus and so on.

His latest pièce de résistance, BISHOP, can be seen in Season's Greetings, a Christmas-themed group show of contemporary photography, also at de Pury (Dec. 3 to Jan. 27). An extension of GOD, BISHOP is a series of photos showing Terence dressed in episcopal attire and riding or posing with a white horse. (These images will also be part of the catalog for GOD, which will be released in March in what promises to be a very special and scandalous launch). Of course, it's a lot more sinister than it sounds, and I wanted to get to the heart of it—so I emailed Terence. Within three minutes, his response: "It's about a horse. It's about a love of a horse. And God fucking a horse and getting fucked back. Big hugs. T" And that, my friends, is vintage Terence.

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