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Saturday, December 22, 2007

The re-animated, ever-beloved Helmut Lang reclaimed a huge, slightly smashed and possibly blood-stained disco ball from who knows where and stuck it in the middle of the floor in the Brooklyn gallery space belonging to the lower-case art and culture rag the journal. Is “Next Ever After,” the installation's title, a simple comment on the low-key designer's obvious aversion to glamour? A nod to the plight of his own career—fallen and reborn in another place entirely? At the opening party last week, we (including friend of Helmut Jenny Capitan, Zero designer Maria Cornejo, photog-artist Mark Borthwick, make-up artist Dick Page, artist Christian Jankowski and designer Patrik Ervell) stood around the immobile object of festivity, little dots of light twinkling over our ruddy and snowed-on faces, and pondered our existence.

Dick Page, Jenny Capitan

Maria Cornejo & Mark Borthwick, artist Dave Aarons

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