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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Gone are the days when models dressed off the runway as they did on—in designer duds. Nowadays, it's all about slouchy-cool jeans, tees and hoodies. We asked Model Mania alumna and equestrian Cate Chant to take us through her sartorial non-tastes. "I keep a lot of things I don't wear often," she says, "figuring they'll go perfectly with some future outfit. If time travel were possible, I'd probably have a suitable outfit for every era dating back to ancient Rome. I still have outfits from my pioneer phase in grade four." The Canuck takes a pack-rat philosophy with her shoes, too. During Fashion Week, she'll sport her black converse hi-tops from the seventh grade [which can't be that long ago]. "The soles are almost completely worn out and they have big holes everywhere so my socks show through. People have tried to buy me new, cooler pairs of sneakers, but they sit unworn in my closet." We love that today's models are runway ragamuffins.

Cate backstage at Prada (with Sara Blomqvist, left, and Lovisa Ingman) and
competing at a horse show