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Friday, March 7, 2008

Ever since we shared a bender with him years ago, we've been hooked on the computer-generated nymphs, erotic Bambi-meets-Barbie antics and shaved Star Wars shenanigans of Dutch illustrator Faiyaz Jafri. But not all of his wank-worthy work comes straight out of a pubescent boy's wet dream; he can do commercial, too. His clients include IBM and Coca Cola, as well as Rolling Stone, Numéro and the New York Times Magazine, while his images for the Guinness Extra Cold campaign earned him a 2002 D&AD Silver Award for outstanding illustration in advertising. In 2006, the Fubon Art Foundation in Taiwan commissioned him to make larger-than-life sculptures, resulting in the erection of his virtual 3D visions in actual 3D form. Here, some of Faiyaz's unpublished recent illos...