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Monday, April 14, 2008

Q&A: Christian Louboutin

French footwear phenom Christian Louboutin was recently in New York to give a lecture at FIT about his creative process, inspirations, fetishes, designer collaborations (he famously created the sandals worn in Yves Saint Laurent's final show in 2002) and how he's built an empire in just 15 years. We tracked him down for some pearlettes of wisdom...

You're known for your red-sole trademark. What other trademarks do you have that we can't see?
Some technical secrets that have their basis in my background working with showgirls.

What's your lowest and your highest heel? Do you see them changing?
Ain’t no high heel high enough. The current range of heel heights is 1/2 - 6 inches, but one never knows.

How many hours does it take to make each pair of shoes?
The time can stretch from a day to a year. There is no rule.

Do you mind it when women refer to your shoes as Loubies?
Nicknames are often friendly, so I consider it a compliment.

We know an American heiress who wears only your shoes. Any idea how many clients like that you have?
I've never known.

When you see the Pope's red shoes, are you jealous? Could you design his shoes better?
Since I am not dreaming of designing men's shoes, then I am fine with it. Anyway, jealousy is generally a sin.

You were quoted in the NY Times as saying that parties have become like a business meeting. What was the last good party you went to?
The Rose Ball in Monaco a few weeks ago. It was in honor of Pedro Almodovar, and the whole Almodovar “family” was there, so it was a great, 100% fun party.

If we were to take you up on your MySpace invitation to "suivez-moi, jeune homme," exactly where would we end up? And what would be on our feet?
It depends on your legs, baby.

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