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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Curator Aaron Rose...

Last Thursday night we opened Being True at The Journal gallery in Williamsburg. Commissioned by Nike, Being True is a photography exhibition in which myself and the lovely and talented Emma Reeves asked 22 photographers to search through their archives and look for iconic images of American youth. It was a great project and the artists did not disappoint. Every time we got a new batch of photos it felt like Christmas! Some of the photographers involved are Terry Richardson, Tim Barber, Cheryl Dunn, Jamel Shabazz, Naomi Harris, Tobin Yelland and Ed Templeton. There's also an amazing little portfolio that we made in honor of the show. Art directed by design firm Work in Progress, the publication is one of those super limited-edition goodies that can't be bought. The only way to get one is to go out to The Journal and see our show!...

Emma Reeves, Aaron Rose & Nike's Christian Parkes

Artist Kaws

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