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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thanks, Nokia!

You may know French graphic artist Frédérique Daubal from her collaborations with colette or Palais de Tokyo. Or you may know her from her contributions to the Hint Shop—her days-of-the-week T-shirts are still our best-ever-seller (and huge in Hong Kong!). Now, Nokia has commissioned Frédérique to design their latest premium art phone, the 7900 Crystal Prism, and they ever so graciously sent one to us! We'd say we doubt Frédérique has ever had her work etched with laser technology, but we'd probably be wrong; after all, she's constantly dabbling in textiles, silkscreening, digital prints, letraset and ballpoint pen. The real question is: Why can't all marriages of art and commerce be as seamless, fetching and engaging as this?...

Illustrations for Framed magazine

Textile design for Paul Smith

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