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Friday, July 25, 2008

Daft Pink

Cesar Padilla plugs Victoria's PINK Secret...

Last week I was asked by a designer for Victoria Secret's PINK line—a home run for the company, cited in WWD as one of the most visited brands on MySpace—where he could find cool inspiration in Los Angeles. My response? "I won't tell you, but I'll show you." A few calls to his travel agent later and off we were for two days in my hometown, with the bonus that I was to attend PINKAPALOOZA, a genius traveling publicity event held this time at the Santa Monica Pier, complete with 3000 TEAM PINK "coeds" and a live performance by Fallout Boy.

I love wearing the color, so when I first saw the pink facelift the Pier had been given, a wicked smile came across my face—pink floor, pink ferris wheel, pink photo booth. It was crazy, everything had been painted pink.

For those unfamiliar with TEAM PINK, it takes its iconography from the sports graphics of universities, focusing on a coed lifestyle with lots of pajama parties, pillow fights and frothy dreams of milk-white all-American boys. I love that. I want the team captain. Yeah bitch, and I'll fight you for it, too.

At TEAM PINK there was a silly rivalry between USC and UCLA, as cheerleaders from both teams circled the thousands of wholesome Jessica Simpson types and busted out their best rah-rahs. The only self-important moment came when Fallout Boy was finishing up their press conference and photo shoot. When it came time to exit and make their way backstage for their performance, Ashlee Simpson, clutching the hand of her hair-rock husband Pete Wentz, ducked in with her free hand shielding her face from paparazzi. Only, there was no paparazzi around.

Anyway, after one Fallout Boy song, I realized what I already knew, these guys weren't for me. I made my way off the Pier and headed home to L.A.'s East Side.