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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Fashion Week: Hess Natur by Miguel Adrover

The environment strikes back, observes Franklin Melendez...

As I reported recently in Shoptart, the eco-friendly German line Hess Natur has enlisted the talent of Miguel Adrover, the Spanish style maverick who shook up the New York fashion scene in the mid-90s with his globally minded antics. Despite a lengthy hiatus, the wunderkind is back—less kind, but still wunder—in fighting form. And if the presentation at Matthew Marks gallery was any indication, I mean this literally. Armed with a giant lily pad, the Majorcan began running around the installation of giant totems covered with webby recycled wool dresses. It wasn’t exactly clear if this was part of the grand plan or a case of too much pre-celebration. Either way, the partnership will involve much more than a spiritual communion with Gaya and the other Earth spirits. Sure, the commotion shook some leaves and scattered a few guests (I spotted stylist J.J. Ferrer inching towards the escape routes), but it brought home the point that Miguel is wild for the environment. When approached for comment, Miguel simply smiled and enveloped me in crushing bear hug. If I needed explaining, the writing on the wall said it all: “The protective arms of nature embraces us with gifts of life. It is in our hand to return that affection.”

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