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Friday, September 26, 2008

Raising Hair

There's the human condition, then there's the hirsute condition. Bad hair days, hair of the dog and split ends attest to this. Sure, we have less body hair than our cave-dwelling forebears (baby-smooth creationists notwithstanding), but that doesn't mean we're not consumed by the stuff. Or consume it, as Vito Acconci does in Hair/Mouth, a video installation in which the artist eats—and gags on—a woman's hair. It's a statement about gender and desire, and just one of several hairy situations in Disentangle, a group show at Andreas Grimm gallery in New York. Meanwhile, Nayland Blake and AA Bronson (who, as the owner of an impressive Jesus beard, is practically an authority on the subject) combine the act of shaving, men, chocolate and whipped cream to homosexual effect in their video, Coat. Plenty more examples await, but don't delay. As they say, hair today, gone tomorrow—or, rather, October 30.

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