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Friday, October 24, 2008

Empirical Observation

Damion Matthews...

Andre Leon Talley may have come to San Francisco last week for a Halston retrospective at Neiman Marcus, but what he got was a surprise birthday party organized by the store's European couture specialist, Vicki Winston, who presented him with a birthday cake featuring October's Vogue cover in frosting. Partygoers, who included major Neiman patrons, were then led through a rousing rendition of the birthday song. Surprisingly, however, Danielle Steel was not among them, even though, as Andre later told me, "She's my best friend in San Francisco."

Andre also said he plans to spend the next two days exploring the city. One stop on the list: the de Young museum, which will soon sponsor a major Yves Saint Laurent exhibit. "The de Young is a wonderful museum. It's my favorite place in San Francisco." But he won't overdo it. "I've had so many glamorous birthday parties. This year I'm going to celebrate quietly. I'm going to watch a film about Versailles that someone bought me." Somehow, given San Francisco's courtly delights, we think his time here will stack up to the glamour and grandeur of Versailles.

photo Drew Altizer

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