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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Freaks and Greeks

Prada may have indefinitely postponed the launch of its first Greek shop in Athens because of ongoing student riots, but that's not stopping the local avant-garde from forging ahead. Dimitris Papadopoulos, the creator of Comme des Garcons' guerrilla store there, has just opened his latest concept shop, Number 3, in the same space, selling a variety of indie labels, Comme among them. He likes using etymologically fancy words like tabula rasa to describe how the store is a clean slate, unbound by tradition. We applaud the effort and wish we had him around when we confuse baklava with balaclava. Or, even less forgivable, Miuccia Prada and Machu Picchu. C'mon, you know you've done it, too...

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