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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sao Paulo Fashion Week: Day 3

By Pia Catton...

There's plenty to play with in the realm of British punk-- with its mix of royality references and its 80's sex appeal. Triton did just that, and in a rather fun way, if not groundbreaking. Need a plaid bodysuit? Got it. Pouf skirt with a T-shirt? Got that, too. The show reconfirmed (as almost every show has) that the low-crotch baggy pants look is not going away any time soon.


One thing that the British punk theme allows for is a mix of the masculine and feminine. Sharp military jackets and boyfriend jackets worked well with soft skirts, but the Brazilian brands seem to stay closer to femininity, even when they're using fabrics from menswear. At 2nd Floor, there were puffy mini-skirts in materials that could have been used for a man's suit—with a layer of glittery cutouts and strings peeking out from underneath. So not so much femininity as girls going to a balloon-theme birthday party.

2nd Floor

Cavalera mixed everything from Buffalo-plaid shirts to yellow leopard-print pants to pointy rock-star shoes to dresses with ruffles from the American West. A little much when all together, but there's something there for every self-made stylist.

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