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Thursday, February 5, 2009

True Hollywood Story

In case you were wondering, the dictionary defines "manifesto" as a “public declaration of intentions, goals or motives, such as issued by a government or sovereign.” This is a grand tradition of pomp and circumstance. Imagine the Soviet Bloc, all drab and red accents, pushing the party line. Or better yet, the Parisian avant-garde—sans culottes—papering the Left Bank with leaflets.

Somewhere between the two lies fashion's current sovereign, Stefano Pilati, whose reign at Yves Saint Laurent is renewed each season not just by a fresh collection, but by his very own Manifesto, which captures the line's current essence in an easy, portable format. So what's his latest decree? YSL goes full-on Hollywood with an Amazonian Claudia Shaffer (in banana pants and sequins), resplendent under the glare of the California sun and that ubiquitous hillside sign. It's stark, brazen and savagely glamorous—the stuff of silver-screen dreams, with a little David Lynch thrown in.

Shot by Inez & Vinoodh, this season’s Manifesto will be released to the masses on the streets of Paris, London, Milan, Tokyo and, of course, New York on February 14. A limited number will be distributed in exclusive YSL totes with a USB port downloaded with exclusive video footage. Is this the ushering in of a glorious style revolution?

—Franklin Melendez

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