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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hans Brinker of Disaster

You've seen haute hotels, heard about love hotels and probably booked a cheap hotel or two. But have you had the distinct honor (and odor) of staying at the Hans Brinker in Amsterdam, the self-proclaimed worst hotel in the world? Only when you do can you fully appreciate the magic of cynical, gross-out marketing. Over the years they've created hilariously self-deprecating images, videos and other marketing materials, which now, because it seems all we have left these days is laughter, have been reproduced in a book called—wait for it—The Worst Hotel in the World. It's a tribute to what the Ritz will never have: zero stars and even lower standards. Plus, if you'll be in Amsterdam on April 24, you can celebrate squalor in person at what promises to be a totally lackluster book launch party, which we're gonna go ahead and assume is BYOB...

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