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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

House of Cards

MTV's new House of Style just aired and The Citizens Band's Sarah Sophie Flicker was there...

Erin Fetherston, one of my best gals, invited me to take part in the filming of the relaunched House of Style on MTV, which I loved when I was a girl. I loved everything about it. I loved Cindy Crawford—even though, in retrospect, she was a bit stiff and awkward. I loved all the scenes of New York. I loved seeing all the new designers. So naturally, I was thrilled to be a part of it.

Erin told me we were going to film a dinner party at her place with a gaggle of cool girls. It sounded dreamy! But as the day approached I got a bit nervous—what had I gotten myself into? I started worrying that it would be a weird, staged, awkward situation, and we would all look like glittery deer caught in headlights. And it was a little funny at first. We had to film our entrances—a few times—and spin around to show our outfits. It was a little dorky and embarrassing. But as we continued to shoot we all loosened up and it became so much fun! First, I was with some of my favorite ladies: Ellen Von Unwerth, her daughter Rebecca, Kate Schelter, Ingrid Sophie Schram and, of course, Erin and Chanel Iman. It was a diverse group and really showed off how adaptable and suitable Erin's clothes are for all types of girls.

Erin's house sparkled like a fairy lantern. it was so beautiful and she had put so much care into all of it. We got to wear Erin's new season fresh off the runway and we all felt super special and magical. Then someone, I think Chanel, put on some dance music and we all went bananas. I mean really nuts! It got so out of hand that at one point we were doing the limbo under a stick. I mean, the limbo—really? There were cameras filming this, but we all sort of forgot. The catering was also incredible, with beautiful elderflower drinks with lemongrass as straws and flowers floating on top. It was some sort of hybrid fairy party mixed with a little bump-and-grind dancehall madness!

Then we sat down at the table and put on the sparkly animal masks from Erin's show. I'm a huge fan of out-there headwear, so I was in hog heaven! As we ate, the cameras faded away and we got to enjoy the shimmering surroundings and wonderful food. We got really cozy and spent the rest of the night laughing and making silly poses for Ellen's camera! Oh, what a wonderful night!

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