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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Just In: Daslu's Eliana Tranchesi Sentenced

In a major scandal rocking Brazil, Eliana Tranchesi, owner of Daslu luxury store in Sao Paulo, was sentenced today to 94.5 years behind bars for fraudulent importing, organized crime and tax evasion stemming from her arrest almost four years ago. In July 2005, more than 300 federal agents raided the store and its offices in Operation Narcissus, arresting Tranchesi and her brother Antonio Carlos Piva de Albuquerque on claims they intended to burn documents related to smuggling and fiscal fraud. Later that year, nearly $1 million worth of Chanel and Gucci bags with adulterated tags were apprehended at the Guarulhos airport. According to police, Tranchesi and other Daslu employees purchased luxury goods abroad while trading offices forged documents declaring a much lower price, in effect creating a criminal network. Eliana's lawyer are requesting home imprisonment as she is in treatment for lung cancer and needs chemotherapy and daily health care.

—André do Val

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