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Monday, March 23, 2009

Just In: Ingrid Sischy & Sandra Brant

Remember a year ago when, rather shockingly, Ingrid Sischy left her editor-in-chief position at Interview after eighteen years, along with publisher and gal pal Sandra Brant, who also sold her 50% stake in the parent company, Brant Publishing? Two smart and dedicated talents gone, just like that. Poof! Then Condé Nast piped up and said the duo had been hired to be International Editors of various global editions of Vanity Fair (Ingrid had already been contributing to American Vanity Fair since 1997). We remember thinking, "Oh, cool, that makes sense. And it's great they have a place to go." But then Condé Nast said they would spearhead future expansions into glamour fields, and we got all cynical and thought, "Yeah, right, because high-fashion and lesbians always go hand-in-hand." Well, it turns out it's true. Today Jonathan Newhouse, chairman of Condé Nast International, announced that Ingrid and Sandy have been named International Editors of German Vogue and Russian Vogue. (Disclaimer — We've had a thing for German Vogue ever since they featured Hint. And Russian Vogue, well, we love anything that caters to cashed-up emerging markets.) He went on to call them a "unique journalistic team...(with) considerable talents." You betcha.

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