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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Greater Tokyo

Tokyo-based illustrator and Hint contributor Przemek Sobocki took these snaps at the launch of Superflat First Love, a prepubescent-inspired (we guess) collaboration between Louis Vuitton and Takashi Murakami. LV's Omotesando flagship was stuffed with Murakami-like toys, gadgets and a $33,000 handmade rug. Also on view was a special animation by Murakami, available only on Japanese mobile phone and, of course, YouTube...

Takashi Murakami & Tomoyuki Tanaka (aka Fantastic Plastic Machine), who composed the animation's soundtrack

Ako Tanaka, editor-in-chief of Numero Tokyo, and Shun Watanabe of Vogue Hommes Japan
Guillaume Davin, senior vice-president of LV, and the rug

Actor Hiroki Nirimiya and fashion designer & stylist Anthony Moynihan
Photographer & film director Mika Ninagawa and actress, singer & model Anna Tsuchiya

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