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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Loft and Found

Like all good conceptual outlets, Sartorial Loft LA traffics in monochromatic palettes, precipitously low crotches and complicates silhouettes that require serious intellectual maneuvering, as well as some physical agility. Fueled largely by word of mouth, the new website has been stripped down to basics (want, click, buy), attracting a devoted clientele willing to exchange first-borns for choice pieces by hard-to-find designers such as Damir Doma, Carol Christian Poell and Carpe Diem. “The site was actually started as a means to an end,” says co-founder David Choi. “We wanted to open a boutique offering our favorite lines as they were difficult acquisitions to make.” A brick-and-mortar shop is also in the works, debuting at the end of the month. We commend them for their efforts, which is really more of a public service in a land where everyone east of La Brea has taken to looking like a dried-up Jonas Brother.

—Franklin Melendez

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