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Friday, May 15, 2009

Hint Postcard

What the Kremlin is going on in Moscow? It's unseasonably hot, and Stephen Jones and Henry Holland are carrying on like a couple of pre-revolutionary czarinas. It turns out there's this "25-year-old gay cherub from Calcutta and occasional transvestite," according to the London Sunday Times, who flew a bunch of Brits over on a kind of cultural exchange. What's been learned so far? For the Russians, it's that not everyone likes to drink themselves silly in the afternoon, having to go out for bottled water to serve at lunch. "Five liters," says Stephen, "for a hundred people in 85-degree heat!" Which might explain why William Orbit (of Madonna's Ray of Light fame) was a no-show at a talk he was supposed to give. Someone send a search party.

Henry Holland & Stephen Jones

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