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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

License to Swill

You might have partied your guts out on the Fourth of July, but in Tokyo they celebrated Independence Day of a different kind—and probably with more restraint. You see, in Japan, Marc Jacobs has been available only through a byzantine licensing system. But no more, the shackles are off, and the fashion crowd flocked to the gardens of the Q.E.D. club to show their support. Pics by illustrator and Hint contributor Przemek Sobocki...

Common & Sense editor-in-chief Kaoru Sasaki with editors Masumi Otsuji & Kaori Oda

Hair stylist Yuya & model Michiko

Numero editor-in-chief Ako Tanaka & DJ Verbal of Teriyaki Boyz

model/actress Angela Reynolds & stylist/designer Anthony Monihan

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