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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Spooner-Fed, Part II

Guest blogger Casey Spooner...

You never know where the day will take you and yesterday was no exception. It was a beautiful day in the city and I spent way too much time on the phone, but much of it was in the park by the and in the sun. Did anyone else see those fighter jets fly over? The picture-perfect weather and the fighter jets really brought back memories of 9/11. And I had a terrible thought, if the Republicans really wanted to get McCain in office, all they need to do is stage another terrorist attack on American soil in between now and election day.

Now on to Fashion Week. I started my evening at my friend Mona's show, A Detacher. She made my first costume for Fischerspooner back in the day. It was a very elegant show and it was good to see old friends and beautiful, well-made clothes. Mariko Mori, Threeasfour and Cindy Greene from Libertine were all there. Then I raced down to the Speigeltent for a Boucheron event that included a private performance of the show Desire. I am sad to say that even though the acrobats were great and very skilled, the entire production added up to a rather dull affair. But I was just killing time until the main event of the evening, and probably of the week...

With the Marc Jacobs show normally running an hour or two late, I decided to go on the early side, an hour after the scheduled show time. But I didn't get the memo! The show started twenty minutes after show time and I was met with a legion of security thugs laughing at my late ass. Super fashion bummer. I shrugged it off and headed to Marc's after-party at the Greenwich Hotel, but it was a fucking zombie scene of hungry revelers. I tried to hustle in the back but lost interest. I decided to just enjoy myself and go to Mr. Chow's for a snack and beverage at the bar. But for some strange reason they would not seat me at that bar, only at a table. This irked me and I wandered out into the lovely evening where I ran into Jake Shears on the street. I ended up hanging out at his house, coveting his new sofa, having great conversation and drinking Campari until 3 am. Sorry I didn't make it, fashion, but thanks for the invite.

—Casey Spooner

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