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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Hint Tip: Alexandre Vauthier

Couture might be dying, but there's never a shortage of new blood. Enter Alexandre Vauthier, former first assistant for Jean Paul Gaultier Couture and Thierry Mugler (private clients), who'll debut his own collection during Paris Couture Week in late January. We expect nothing less than theatrical genius by osmosis, but there's more. According to his publicist, Alexandre "holds the view that prices of couture clothes today are unrealistic and do not reflect the historical prices that clients paid in the past when whole wardrobes were ordered for the season." Okay, we think we get that. Plus he feels non-couture luxury labels have been ripping people off with inferior fabrics. When a couturier talks money, you know we're in for an economic face-plant of biblical proportions.

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