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Friday, May 8, 2009

Goss Dressing

The scandalous world of Manhattan’s elite is heading straight for Target in what might be Gossip Girl’s best plot twist yet (at least, in its erratic sophomore season, which is drawing to a painfully awkward close—Poppy Lifton, really?). For the second installment of its Designer Collaboration series (following Alexander McQueen), the egalitarian retailer has enlisted perennial flower child Anna Sui to whip up a capsule collection based on the show's four female leads.

Expect lots of flirty, baby-doll printed frocks worthy of raccoon-eyed Jenny and Boho diehard Serena. You'll have to stretch your imagination a little when it comes to Park Avenue maven Lady Waldorf, and we're not quite sure of the fourth, but we're keeping our fingers crossed it'll be Chuck Bass—who's already proved he can look dashing in purple, velvet and other Sui signatures.

In a rollercoaster ride that has seen us through the highs of Jenny’s fashion whirlwind to the lows of a Bernie Madoff-inspired scandal, we're hoping this retail stint will reset the show's priorities to what really matters: fashion. Otherwise, we'd just watch Rachel Maddow. Hits stores nationwide September 13.

—Franklin Melendez

Anna Sui, fall 09

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Anna Sui

The Citizens Band's Sarah Sophie Flicker...

Last night I went to Anna Sui, who's a hero of mine and such a gentle, lovely woman. I adore her shows, which are like nothing else. They feel so big and theatrical and energized. I also love her aesthetic and the fact that, over the years, I've collected pieces of hers that I still wear—even a decade later. I admire her consistency, but also her ability to take what she loves and constantly reinvent it. This show was no different. I melted into her world completely, and wanted to go home and throw on patterns, colors, velvet, flowers, feathers and just be an absolute romantic magpie.

Anna Sui

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