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Wednesday, July 23, 2008


André do Val cuts to the chase...

After gracing the cover of Brazilian Vogue too many times to count, Barbara Berger appeared on the runway of Givenchy's last couture show as a stripy version of Daryl Hannah in Blade Runner. The next day the Blonde Runner walked for Jean Paul Gaultier. Did we mention she radically cut her hair recently?

Did you have butterflies in your stomach before your first show?
I always have butterflies before a show, especially if a like the brand. At Givenchy I got tense even at the fitting, because it is something I always dreamt of! The backstage was really warm and the air-conditioning was not fully working. But just before I reached the catwalk I remember Riccardo Tisci grabbing my hand and saying, “I know it’s really hot inside this outfit, but think it's worth it because you look gorgeous!” After that the butterflies were all gone. Jean Paul Gaultier is a very witty person. He makes you feel like the most beautiful woman on earth.

Where would you wear the looks you wore in the show?
Givenchy’s boots were adorable, as well as the coats. Good for the winter. And I'd wear the Gaultier dress to a fancy party because of the back cleavage.

Who decided you should have a haircut?
It was Ford agency in New York, together with Ford Brazil. Their fault! I needed something to make me look different and the haircut was perfect for that. The only thing I asked was that it not be ordinary. The first week I felt weird, especially going through old pictures. I couldn’t believe! I even kept a bunch of hair that got cut, but then I threw it away. What could a possibly do with that?

But did it help get work? And boys?
For some clients it was a shock. Some didn’t even recognize me before I said my name. In Brazil they never thought I would actually do it, but I think they liked it. About the boys, I think they prefer long hair, especially in Brazil, where the ideal woman is sexy and gorgeous. But I don’t mind. My boyfriend loves it and that is what truly matters.

What's next for you?
I’m in New York and still don’t know how is it going to be. I’m going to Paris to work and in August my family will come to spend holiday with me. I can’t wait!

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