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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Getting Lit

"Mr. Weinstein isn't here yet, and we all know isn't a party until Mr. Weinstein arrives. So for right now, let's all drink more champagne." That was the excellent advice given by Brooke Geahan, Accompanied Literary Society's blonde doyenne, at a reading for Tom Folsom's mafia-themed book, The Mad Ones, last night. Awaiting Harvey Weinstein, the publisher of the book and host of the soiree, was a turned-out crowd in writer chic (think tweed coats, hot-nerd glasses and rakishly swept hair), preoccupying themselves with pointed chatter, namely "Who do you write for?" After star readers Matthew Modine and Steve Buscemi finished their chapters with convincing mobster chutzpah, and after Weinstein finally arrived, Geahan concluded by telling everyone: "Now let's get lit!" She hardly even needed to add: "As in literary, of course!"

—Bee-Shyuan Chang

Tom Folsom, Steve Buscemi, Harvey Weinstein, Brooke Geahan, Matthew Modine

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