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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pandora's Bag

Recognizing the mass potential of the Internet, Marc Jacobs—already a Facebook freak—named a bag after his #1 Filipino blogger and fan, Bryanboy, a little while back. Now Bryanboy—who's full of pithy, catchphrase-y things like "I'm so gay I sweat glitter"—is returning the favor by hauling his gaysian butt to New York to make a documentary, handycam-style, about the object of his infatuation, taking in both of Marc's collections. We were going to scoop that a few days ago, but forgot, then read it in WWD, which is also reporting the 25-minute short film will be produced by Lost In Translation's Stephen Schible. Anyway, we didn't realize Marcman and Bryanboy hadn't yet met; this backstage photo by Sonny Vandevelde shows the magical moment...

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