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Sunday, February 15, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Erin Fetherston

The Citizens Band's Sarah Sophie Flicker on her pixie friend...

Let me preface this by saying that I've been plagued by walking pneumonia this winter, so everything I see is filtered through a lens of antibiotics, cold medication and some good old-fashioned consumption. But neither hell nor high water could keep me away from Erin's show, so I rallied and gathered some other Citizens Band ladies and trotted on over.

Erin said she was really excited about this show, but nothing could have prepared me for just how wonderful it was—the whimsy, girlish fantasy and so much more. The music began with the sound of a music box, and it was as if we were transported to some magical fairytale. Russian dolls and ballerinas appeared in layered, vintage-like skirts and sleeves poufed in just the right places, while models who looked a little like soldiers marched past in pants that were cool and cigarette-y. Some of the tutu dresses, in rich and warm colors, made me itch for toe shoes.

The make-up was the perfect Biba-esque 70s does the 30s and the hair was so incredible with big bows, crimped buns and huge tall hats. And there were animal masks covered in glitter that truly made me swoon.

Okay, I know this all sounds super girly, but I promise you, the collection had an elegence and sexiness that I haven't seen from Erin. The girls were like the Russian émigrés in one of my favorite books, Beauty In Exhile—theatrical, cultured, dramatic yet grounded, confident and smart. I sat with my gal posse and we bounced up and down and clapped, oooohing and aaaahing. I know we'll go to sleep dreaming of the magic we saw and where we can wear it.

The after-party was in the oh-so-beautiful Rose Room at the Gramery Hotel, which, on its own, is so cozily gorgeous, but tonight it was swaying and tipping its hat to Erin. And that is the beauty of Erin; she really makes people happy. Her light is infectious!

Erin Fetherston

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