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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Big Fat Greek Fashion Show

Cesar Padilla...

I'm not a tit man (my boyfriend will attest to this), but the first thing I noticed at Hellenic Fashion Week in Athens recently were the breasts. They were real and big, just like the hips. We're talking women, not girls waiting for their first pube or starving themselves to be the next Kate Moss. Show after show confirmed the Greeks like to keep it real. Beautiful hook-nosed models with striking ancient profiles, sometimes even mannish, strutted down the runway in a barrage of hits and misses for spring.

Local talent mixed with a selection of designers shipped in from abroad made for an interesting week in the chaotic city. Highlights included Antwerp Royal Academy graduate Demna Gvasalia, whose collection won my heart with its goth agenda—high goth at that. I fucking love goth and anyone who pushes it for summer, in my book, shreds.

Demna Gvasalia, Maria Mastori & Filep Motwari

Angelos Bratis' collection, inspired by the world of perfume, featured some gorgeous and not so gorgeous asymmetrical gowns. There were a few moments reminiscent of Gianni Versace's draping, which is a good thing, but the best part were the large single earrings by Maria Mastori that dangled down to the nipple. Maria also teamed up with designer Filep Motwari. A little on the busy side, with unneccesary 1940's hair nets on all the models, his show featured amazing leather bags, massive rings, armbands and genius oversized neckwear. The clothes weren't as stunning, but props for using models well into their 50s.

The biggest problem with fashion in any city these days is the level of seriousness people place on it. It took guest designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac to remind everyone that fashion is serious, but also creative and fun. After several days of enduring bias cut after asymmetric bias cut and way too many pieces posing as expensive pajamas, it was refreshing to see his child-like sunglasses, hats and other accessories fashioned from Legos. They, along with dresses with huge printed faces surrounded by mounds of hair, made Jean Charles the star of the week. (Hanging out with him the day after his show, I found myself spouting confessions like, "I can't believe you're not gay" and "I'm so sad you're not gay." His reply? "That's why I got into fashion. Everyone was gay and there were all these beautiful girls around." Genius! I'm guessing he is a tit man.)

Jean Charles de Castelbajac

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