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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


André do Val...

It was after Steven Klein's photos of him in Italian Vogue, then Steven Meisel's photos, also in Italian Vogue, followed by Numéro and Another, that the fashion world took notice of Henzo Hülle. But the more-cake-than-beef surfer and skateboarder from Espirito Santo, a little town just north of Rio de Janeiro, insists he's just a regular guy.

In Italian Vogue (left) and Key magazine

What was the worst thing that's happened to you on a shoot?
Well, once you start being a model you learn that you need to be ready for anything. Any make-up or outfit they give you is not to be ashamed of, because you don't want it to affect your personality. But there have been some funny situations, like when Steven Klein shot me for Italian Vogue in New York. I had my body all tanned by a sticky cream and I had to wear tiny swim trunks in the middle of a park. All week it had been cold and rainy, but that day it was warm and sunny, so everybody was out and about. No one wears trunks that small in real life.

What’s the funniest make-up you've ever had to wear?
It was for New York magazine. They threw sand on my face and then tried to put some make-up on. It didn’t quite work, but it was funny in the end.

Do you wear any of the designers you model? What's your personal style?
I’m a simple guy, so it depends on the occasion. In general, I wear dark jeans, a nice T-shirt and a jacket to look more fashionable. At home or at the beach I like surfer shorts and a sleeveless top.

Do you prefer to work on men's shows only, or mixed?
Both are great, but it's always more fun when there are girls with us.

Is it true you're going out with Daiane Conterato?
No, not true. I’m single and very happy.

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