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Friday, August 7, 2009

Headline Trip

Tavi, the 13-year-old blogging prodigy (clearly Diana Vreeland reincarnated), graces the Damien Hirst-designed covers of POP.

Thinner isn't always better. A slimmed down Vogue makes The September Issue look like “the Titanic two miles out to sea.” Our hearts will go on. [NY Times]

Jeremy Laing released his first-ever campaign, featuring Heather Marks, and joins the cool kids club by showing at Milk Studios for Fashion Week. [Jeremy Laing]

For retailer Jeffrey, it pays to play with dolls—especially designer-clad ones. [The Moment]

A seductive Uma Thurman joins the fragrance fray as the face of Givenchy's Ange ou Demon. [WWD]

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Monday, February 16, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Jeremy Laing

By Franklin Melendez...

I sat directly behind a comely yet disconcertingly composed twelve-year-old, clad in purple tights, flippy skirt, boucle jacket and yes, even a satin hair ribbon. Perched in Jeremy Laing's front row with other social jewels, the prep-school princess kept cozy company with top editors, including Teen Vogue's Aya Kanai and most of the Harper’s Bazaar team crammed into a tight little corner. Annoying, yes, but her diminutiveness allowed me full view. Then there was the glittery support of Jeremy's friends (and fellow Canadians) artist Terrence Koh, cocooned in nubbly black, and legendary queer radical daddy, AA Bronson, in signature ZZ Top beard.

As for the collection, it was nothing short of exquisite, an incisive exploration of architectural shapes, fabric innovation and modern adornment. There were some re-imaginings of previous interests, such as minerals and crystal shapes, which were translated into bold proportions and lush treatments, such as a strong-shouldered coated wool coat that glistened unctuously like a faceted piece of fresh coal. It was as if Laing were re-channeling some of that initial spirit that made him such a talent to watch in the first place.

Wanting to delay the trek down nine flights of stairs after the show, I caught up with Mr. Bronson, to ask his thoughts on the collection: "Well, we’re friends of Jeremy’s, and we enjoyed the show immensely! We don't get invited to that many shows. But it's funny—when we're in Paris, we actually get invited to many more!” They have better taste, I assured him, before inquiring about current projects: "Right now I'm working on a seance called Invocations of the Queer Spirits, which is gonna happen on Governor’s Island. It's an old 18th-century stone prison that’s basically a big graveyard. It was an all-male prison which has seen a lot of action.” And that, pretty much says it all.

Jeremy Laing

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