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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back to the Present

“TRON was a life-changer. I thought I had seen the future. It was the first film to predict our urge to crawl into our computers and stay there,” says Joan Juliet Buck, fashion maven and former French Vogue editor-in-chief—oh, and the villain in Julie and Julia. Who better to host a screening of Disney's 1981 classic at the Rubin Museum of Art this Friday?

With its bold, seminal vision of the future, TRON may have sparked more than a few fledgling fashion imaginations. It doesn't take a pachydermic memory to recall recent designer homages. Not one to miss a fashion possibility herself, Joan went on to tell us, “I got Leo Lerman at Vogue to send me out west to interview the men behind the computer graphics. I had Helmut Newton photograph a guy lying inside a Cray Computer. I even went to Jet Propulsion Lab, where they were hand-coloring pics of Saturn! I still have the notes from the trip—today viewed from yesterday. Just don't call it back to the future!”

—Franklin Melendez

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