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Friday, February 20, 2009

New York Fashion Week: Day 8

Yes, yes, I've already heard Zac Posen's show was too over-the-top, too excessive, too luxe, but c'mon people, we need that right now! Besides, do you expect anything else from such a poncy fop? Five Steinways were placed in the middle of the catwalk and the 5 Browns, a gaggle of brother and sister pianists, tickled the ivories throughout the show. A highlight was when Coco Rocha sashayed up to the photog pit and one burly man yelled out, "Now that's what I call a lady!" The audience giggled and Coco turned as red as her new locks.

Next up was V Man's ice-skating party. Luckily it was held at the end of Fashion Week because we witnessed one too many models and editors wiping out on the ice. Of course not one model from Eastern Europe had that problem. I was in heaven watching Bel Ami boys whizzing past—backwards.

Even drag celebs Brandy Wine and Brenda A Go-Go gave it a whirl. Brenda is from Kansas so she left Brandy in the dust. Her off-the-runway Margiela number was perfect for the rink—even Oksana Baiul would be jealous. After a couple of whirls around we hit the bar and watched as Olympic figure skater Johnny Weir took to the ice for a one-man dazzle dancing number.

Paul Sevigny, who grew up playing ice hockey, was even impressed with lil’ Johnny's moves. Later the skates came off, the booze kept flowing and the dance-a-thon began.

—Cator Sparks

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