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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New York Fashion Week: Karen Walker

Franklin Melendez gives you food for thought...

The big news at Karen Walker? Healthy beauty, glowing cheeks and soft peach tones. Here, the requisite greige attack was reinvented in all sorts of delectable hues, from pudding to custards and creams. The rich choices perfectly accentuated Walker’s light voluminous confections: ruffled tent dresses with a slightly 60's flair—somewhere between The Stepford Wives and Lolita. But perhaps the biggest news of all was that, despite all the moaning and groaning, the overblown weight debates and much-maligned return of the waifs, it turns models do eat. A lot. So the best treat, along with Karen's sugary sweets, was a glimpse of our favorite gazelles grazing the horn of plenty between hair and make-up. Ikeleine munched on chips, the Russian beauties stuck to grapes and regular Coke (not diet, can you handle?) and Du Huan braved a whole Reuben sandwich. Gorge-ous! I left the show elated.

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